The Summit Seekers 






Summit Seekers are a group of college and career age christian young adults 18-25 years of age that meet for bible study and prayer in a cafe setting.  Although durning the shelter in place requests we meet up via facebook and on video conference platforms to check in with each other and have discussions on various subjects.

We also seek outdoor recreational activities such as hiking, backpacking, and camping.

In our Covid 19 national health emergency we continue to

pray for our country, our leaders, health care persons, grocery workers, resturant workers and our families together we can get through these times.


Stay safe and stay home only venture out if needed and you follow safe distancing and wear masks don't pick up anything without protection and dispose of safely and wisely.


Don't give up stay connected


A time to reflect on adventures and accomplishments of the past and share your experiences to new friends and family members as we get through this together. Link up with some today.


Remember a Adventure Trek with friends what did you experience during your trek? 



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