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Summit Seekers are high school, college and career age young adults 14-21+ years of age  


An outdoor adventure has many opportunities and challenge.  A wilderness adventure is always awaiting for you to discover on a trek of a life-time.


When we think of an adventure we usually think of a hike in a local park or a backpack trek in a mountain region that captures our imagination.  Every outdoor experience needs to match the capabilities of the group.


Some questions to planning an adventure trek need to be answered first.  


Who is the adventure for?

Where will the destination be?

What route will you go?

What route will you come back?

Date and time of departure?

Date and time of your return?

Who will be joining you on your trip?

Why are you going?  Your purpose? 

What gear and items will you need?

What outdoor essentials?

what clothing and other needs will you need?

What permits do you need? 

Special equipment needs?

What principles will you follow? 

What is your emergency response plan?






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