Venturing BSA Crew 727 



2nd & 4th Thursday evenings

7:27 pm - 8:30 pm


In our Covid 19 national health emergency

pray for our country, our leaders, health care persons, our families together we can get through these times. 

Stay safe and stay home. 


Reaching out seeking Venturing Youth energizing for one exciting Venturing Program


We are a youth run organization, open to ages 13 1/2 Eight Grade and up.  We are primarily a high adventure crew, there are opportunities for all youth to do community service projects and leadership development. 

We are a pay as we go crew and fundraise as a crew.


Annual Membership Dues $60.00 

$12.00 Insurance

$12.00 Boys' Life (optional)

$36.00 for adult members includes background check

$60.00 OC BSA Program Fees per person  


The Venturing Crew 727 is chartered; 

VFW Post 6024 of Rancho Santa Margarita, Ca. In association with the Orange County BSA Council. 


Our purpose


To guide youth toward career, lifetime and leadership goals


Our Mission


To serve others by helping to instill values of good character, participation, citizenship, and personal fitness in young people, and other ways prepare them to make ethical choices in their lifetimes for achieving their full potential.   


Our Objectives


We seek to implement a program of activities that develops the whole person and entails providing activities and experiences beyond our regular meetings.


We seek to provide an opportunity for each of our members to expand and enhance their leadership qualities, and experience what it means to develop themselves and see growth in others.



Venturing BSA Crew 727 Lives the:


the Scout Promise

the Scout Law

the Outdoor Code

Venturing Motto:


Lead the Adventure


When exploring as a crew:

We will have Respect, Enthusiasm, Energy and stride for Excellence in everything we do.  


Our Crew Principles:

Honor before all else

The Winning Edge

"Keep It Simple"

Make it Fun


Venturing BSA Crew 727

is advised by adult volunteers who are Eagle Scouts and other Activity Consultants and Venturing Participants


Scouting does not stop after high school you can continue to learn, grow, and travel in the scouts BSA family and bag more nights on the trail and elevate to greater heights to climb up to new summits and zip beyond and learn how to be a mentor and contribute to the Scouts BSA Program.   


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